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Showcase your public announcement for perusal in a presentable manner, includes a unique identifier code, QR code and easy to use download link.  See Example


Publish announcements,  stylishly, professionally, forever and for just a one time fee.

Lifetime Access
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Lifetime Access

It's important your announcements are stored securely. No more worrying about storage, changing web addresses or other such nonsense. Your announcement will be available for download, forever!

Easy to use

First impressions count. None more so than how your official announcements are presented online.  Benefit from a professional presentation and simple instructions on how to download your announcements. 

QR Code Linked

Available to both private and commercial. Your official announcements are published along with a unique QR Code, to ensure easy sharing and viewing on mobile devices using QR viewers.

DISCLAIMER: Notice placers are solely responsible for assuring the validity and accuracy of any notice placed into the Gazette International database.


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