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Q: What is Gazette International?

A: An online platform that acts as a journal of record for private individuals and businesses through the
posting of Notice.

Q: Who can post a Notice on Gazette International?

A: Any individual who is aged 18 or over or businesses or organizations, so long as that person or business is not located in or representing an OFAC sanctioned country.

Q: Is a Gazette International Notice unique and identifiable?

A: Yes. Each Gazette International Notice is date and time stamped with a unique identifier code.


Q: How soon does my Gazette International Notice appear?

A: Immediately

Q: Can the Gazette International Notice be accessed online?

A: Yes. 24/7/365

Q: Will I be able to see the Notice on my smartphone?

A: Yes. All Gazette International Notices are optimized for all internet devices including smartphones.

Q: Will the Notice have QR code?

A: Yes. Gazette International is the only such service that generates a unique QR code for every Notice as well as a web link.

Q: How do I refer people to my Gazette International Notice?

A: Gazette International Notices can be referenced by sending a link, a QR code or downloading the Notice as a pdf document which can be sent as an attachment.

Q: Can I establish Authorship and Copyright using Gazette International?

A: Yes. Original works uploaded as part of a Gazette International Notice fulfil the requirements for establishing Copyright under the Berne Convention and Authorship under the Vancouver Protocol.

Q: Is Copyright restricted to written works?

A: No. you can register works such as: Artwork, Coding, Computer Programs, Drawings, Fiction, Graphics, Lyrics, Music, Non-fiction, Photographs, Poetry, Scripts and Websites.

Q: Does Gazette International have restrictions on the content of what is posted in its Notices?

A: Nothing may be posted which is pornographic, incites violence or hatred, promotes illegal activities or contravenes public decency.

Q: Can I pay in my local currency?

A: Gazette International sets its prices in USD but if you pay by card your card will be charged in your local currency.

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