Gazette International is exclusive as a Berne Convention Compatible online publishing platform.

Gazette International is the fastest and most cost effective (when compared with like-with-like) Berne Convention Compatible Copyright protection Service.

This service is the only Berne Convention Compatible protection service that issues a unique QR code and unique identifier code for each listing. Making it optimized for PC and Smartphone use.

  • No restriction on who may place notices or from where.

  • Any person, anywhere, may place a notice so long as it is written in English.

  • With National Gazettes only the following may place notices:

'National' Gazettes have the following restrictions on whom may post:


Insolvency practitioners – who are appointed by the court to place notices relating to personal or corporate insolvency.

Solicitors – who are appointed by the court to place notices related to personal or corporate insolvency, or who are appointed as executor of a will.

Chancellor of the Exchequer – to advertise the resignation of an MP.

The Bank of England – to advertise the recall of a bank note.

District councils – making a proposal to make a regulation under the Road Traffic Acts.

Members of the public – if you are an individual acting as executor of a will and wish to place a notice supported by a grant of probate or letter of administration. With National Gazettes, the Notices must relate to the nation of the Gazette.


Gazette International has no such national restrictions.



Real time, immediate publication. (Compared to 1 - 2 working days, or in some case up to 9 MONTHS)

See FAQ for a full explanation of the numerous advantages.






DISCLAIMER: Notice placers are solely responsible for assuring the validity and accuracy of any notice placed into the Gazette International database.


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