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The Refund Policy for the Gazette International's Website, located at

By accessing or using this website we assume you accept the Terms & Conditions




This service provides publication of custom digital content Notices which are specific to the author.


Customers are provided with valid login information in order to post a Notice.


The Notice is made publicly available on


There is only one circumstance in which a refund will be granted, as follows:

(1)  The Notice submitted does not appear in the database on


No refund request shall be granted based upon the content of a Notice which is entirely the responsibility of the customer.


Refunds shall be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days depending on the issuing bank of the credit card. 



  • In the event of a refund, any Notice generated shall be LOCKED from public access and no longer searchable in the database.

Cancellation Policy



  • A customer may request (without right of refund) for a Notice to be cancelled which will be completed by without charge within 48 hours.

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