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Our Storage System is Stable & Advanced

Ideal for Pre-Publication Copyright Protection for Scientific and Research Papers

Berne Convention - (Copyright) and Vancouver Protocol (Authorship) Compliant

Gazette International Notices are ideal for establishing Copyright under the Berne Convention as well as establishing authorship under the Vancouver Protocol and Pre-Publication Copyright Protection for Scientific and Research Papers.


By Popular Request from academics, scientists and researchers.

Gazette International has responded to popular request from academics, scientists and researchers (especially those involved in joint and collaborative projects) to establish authorship and offer Pre-Publication Copyright Protection for Scientific and Research Papers under the Vancouver Protocol.


This allows participants to definitively log by unique date and time stamp and QR code their contribution and claim Authorship and Copyright pre-publication. This removes the possibility of later confusion or dispute as to individual authorship of a constituent part of a collaborative project whilst still in the pre-publication kinetic stage.

Previously, showcasing documents online to establish authorship could be problematic and embarrassing with academics, scientists and researchers grey publishing ad hoc on either institutional or company websites that they did not control or tedious and often virus ridden file hosting services full of annoying ads. Sometimes such adverts can be inappropriate, adult in nature or just plain embarrassing.

Gazette International gives you our cast iron guarantee. Your announcements will always be advert-free.

Rest assured, your announcements will always be at the same web address, stored on a secure https server, with a fast, easy to spot download link. No hassles whatsoever.

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